Berlin-Poznań-Hamburg Seminar on Combinatorics and Algorithms

Jun 08, 2018 - Jun 09, 2018

This seminar was started by Prof. Michał Karoński from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and by Prof. Hans Jürgen Prömel (at the time) from Humboldt University of Berlin in the mid 1990's. The event alternates between Berlin, Poznań and (more recently) Hamburg, covering a wide variety of topics in extremal and probabilistic combinatorics, algorithmic discrete mathematics, as well as related fields. This year it takes place on June 8 and 9 at the Free University of Berlin.

List of Participants

  • Sylwia Antoniuk (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Wiebke Bedenknecht (University of Hamburg)
  • Anurag Bishnoi (Free University Berlin)
  • Rafał Bystrzycki (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Dennis Clemens (Technical University Hamburg-Harburg)
  • Shagnik Das (Free University Berlin)
  • Maciej Dołęga (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Oliver Ebsen (University of Hamburg)
  • Jarek Grytczuk (Warsaw University of Technology)
  • Alexander Haupt (Technical University Hamburg-Harburg)
  • Jurek Jaworski (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Michał Karoński (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Maciej Kowalski (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Ander Lamaison (Free University Berlin)
  • Zbyszek Lonc (Warsaw University of Technology)
  • Tomasz Łuczak (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Joanna Polcyn-Lewandowska (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Tamás Mészáros (Free University Berlin)
  • Patrick Morris (Free University Berlin)
  • Paweł Naroski (Warsaw University of Technology)
  • Max Pitz (University of Hamburg)
  • Jakub Przybyło (AGH University of Technology of Krakow)
  • Damian Reding (Technical University Hamburg-Harburg)
  • Christian Reiher (University of Hamburg)
  • Andrzej Ruciński (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Paweł Rzążewski (Warsaw University of Technology)
  • Katarzyna Rybarczyk-Krzywdzińska (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Mathias Schacht (University of Hamburg)
  • Tomasz Schoen (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Bjarne Schülke (University of Hamburg)
  • Magda Szymkowiak (Poznań University of Technology)
  • Katarzyna Taczała (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań)
  • Anusch Taraz (Technical University Hamburg-Harburg)
  • Tibor Szabó  (Free University Berlin)

Tentative Program

Friday 08.06.2018:

13:30-14:00 Arriving, Registration

14:00-14:45: Maciej Dolega (Poznan)
14:45-15:15: Wiebke Bedenknecht (Hamburg)

15:15-15-45: coffee break

15:45-16:15: Ander Lamaison (Berlin)
16:15-16:45: Pawel Rzazewski (Warsaw)
16:45-17:15: Dennis Clemens (TUHH)

17:15-17:30: coffee

17:30-18:00: Joanna Polcyn (Poznan)
18:00-18:30: Oliver Ebsen (Hamburg)
18:30-19:00: Jarek Grytczuk (Warsaw)

19:30- open End: Dinner

Saturday, 09.08.2018:

9:30-10:00: Max Pitz (Hamburg)
10:00-10:30: Anurag Bishnoi (Berlin)

10:30-11:00: coffee break

11:00-11:30: Kasia Rybarczyk (Poznan)
11:30-12:00:  Damian Reding (TUHH)
12:00-12:45: Shagnik Das (Berlin)

Time & Location

Jun 08, 2018 - Jun 09, 2018

Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Mathematik
Arnimallee 3 (Room 001)
14195 Berlin

Freie Universität Berlin
Technische Universität Berlin
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)