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Overview Summer Semester 2021

All planned Monday Lectures in Summer Term 2021 will take place online.

Invitation over Zoom here:


Lecture at 14:15Colloquium at 16:00
Monday, 12.04.2021 online first week of semester  - no lecture -  - no colloquium -
Monday, 19.04.2021  online    
Monday, 26.04.2021  online

 Kolja Knauer (Barcelona):
On sensitivity in Cayley graphs

 Matthieu Rosenfeld (LIRMM):
Bounding the number of sets defined by a given MSO formula on trees
Monday, 03.05.2021  online   16:30 Chris Eur (Stanford): Tautological classes of matroids
Monday, 10.05.2021  online  Max Klimm (TU):
Complexity and Parametric Computation of Equilibria in Atomic Splittable Congestion Games
Monday, 17.05.2021  online    Aniket Shah (Ohio):
A q-analogue of Brion's identity
Monday, 24.05.2021 online Pentecost  - no lecture -  - no colloquium -
Monday, 31.05.2021 online    
Monday, 07.06.2021 online  Michael Joswig (TU):
Tropical bisectors and Voronoi diagrams
Monday, 14.06.2021 online  16:30 Alex Postnikov (MIT):

14:45 Davide Lofano (TU):
Random Simple-Homotopy Theory

Monday, 21.06.2021 online  Alexey Pokrovskiy (London):
Linear size Ramsey numbers of hypergraphs
 Patrick Morris (FU):
Triangle factors in pseudorandom graphs
Monday, 28.06.2021 online  Xavier Allamigeon (IEP):
Formalizing the theory of polyhedra in a proof assistant
 Gorav Jindal (TU):
Arithmetic Circuit Complexity of Division and Truncation
Monday, 05.07.2021 online

 Papa Sissokho (Illinois State University):
Geometry of the minimal Solutions of a linear diophantine Equation

 Ansgar Freyer (TU):
Shaking a convex body in order to count its lattice points
Monday, 12.07.2021 online  Frédéric Havet (INRIA):
Unavoidability and universality of digraphs
 Raphael Steiner (TU):
The dichromatic number-a survey
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