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Overview Summer Semester 2022

In Summer Term 2022 all Monday's Lectures will be held in attendance. Some may, however, take place online via Zoom.

Invitation to Zoom Link:


Lecture at 14:15Colloquium at 16:00
Monday, 02.05.2022 HU Berlin Tomáš Masarik (Charles University):
Max Weight Independent Set in graphs with no long claws: An analog of the Gyárfás' path argument
 Jana Novotna (University of Warsaw):
Taming Creatures
Monday, 09.05.2022 FU Berlin Andrew Newman (Carnegie Mellon University):
Complexes of nearly maximum diameter
Marcel Celaya (ETH):
Improving the Cook et al. Proximity Bound Given Integral Valued Constraints
Monday, 16.05.2022 TU Berlin Torsten Ueckerdt (KIT):
Stack and Queue Layouts of Planar Graphs
Sandro Roch (TU Berlin):
Arrangements of Pseudocircles: On Digons and Triangles
Monday, 23.05.2022 FU Berlin Katharina Jochemko (KTH):
The Eulerian transformation
Monday, 30.05.2022 FU Berlin, Chemistry building

János Pach (Rényi Institute, Budapest):
Facets of Simplicity

Imre Bárány (Rényi Institute, Budapest):
Cells in the box and a hyperplane
Monday, 13.06.2022 TU Berlin Matthias Beck (San Francisco State University):
Boundary h*-polynomials of rational polytopes
Andrei Comăneci (TU Berlin):
Tropical Medians by Transportation
Monday, 20.06.2022 TU Berlin Karoly Böröczky (Rényi Institute, Budapest):
Facets of the Brascamp-Lieb Inequality and its Reverse form
Christian Kipp (TU Berlin):
Affine Subspace Concentration Conditions for Polytopes
Monday, 27.06.2022 FU Berlin Wolfgang Mulzer (FU Berlin):
Long Alternating Paths Exist
Michaela Borzechowski (FU Berlin):
Unique Sink Orientations of Grids is in Unique End of Potential Line
Monday, 04.07.2022 TU Berlin Myfanwy Evans (Uni Potsdam):
Enumerating triply-periodic tangles
Marcel Celaya (ETH):
Improving the Cook et al. Proximity Bound Given Integral Valued Constraints
Monday, 11.07.2022 TU Berlin Bill Zwicker (Union College, USA):
Higher-order Condorcet cycles
Warut Suksompong (Singapore):
The Price of Connectivity in Fair Division
Monday, 18.07.2022 FU Berlin Herman Haverkort (Universität Bonn):
Space-filling curves: properties, applications and challenges
Andrea Jiménez (Varparaíso, Chile):
Groundstates of the Ising Model on antiferromagnetic triangulations
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