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Overview Winter Semester 2019/2020

Lecture at 14:15Colloquium at 16:00
Monday, 21.10.2019  FU Otfried Cheong (Bayreuth):
Convex Covers and Translation Covers
Monday, 28.10.2019  HU Alexandre Vigny (Bremen):
Query enumeration and nowhere dense classes of graphs
Benjamin Hauskeller (HU Berlin):
Dynamic Query Evaluation with Sublinear Update Time
Monday, 04.11.2019  FU Günter Rote (FU Berlin):
Lattice paths with states, and counting geometric graphs via production matrices
Liana Yepremyan (Oxford):
On the size Ramsey number of bounded powers of bounded degree trees
Monday, 11.11.2019  FU Tibor Szabó (FU Berlin):
Turán numbers, projective norm graphs, quasirandomness
Raphael Steiner (TU Berlin):
Majority Colorings of Sparse Digraphs
Monday, 18.11.2019  TU Matthias Reitzner (Osnabrück):
Stars of Empty Simplices
Ansgar Freyer (TU Berlin):
Discrete analogs of an inequality by Meyer
Monday, 25.11.2019  FU Georg Loho (London School of Economics):
Signed tropical convexity
Manfred Scheucher (TU Berlin):
Topological Drawings meet SAT Solvers and Classical Theorems of Convex Geometry
Monday, 02.12.2019  FU Talks of the Einstein Workshop on Polytopes and Algebraic Geometry Talks of the Einstein Workshop on Polytopes and Algebraic Geometry
Monday, 09.12.2019  TU Svante Linusson (Stockholm):
Limit shape of shifted staircase SYT
Marcel Celaya (Georgia Tech):
The linear span of lattice points in a half-open lattice parallelepiped
Monday, 16.12.2019  TU Paweł Dłotko (Swansea University):
Topology in Action
Alexander Heaton (MPI Leipzig):
Applications of algebra to the geometry of materials
Monday, 06.01.2020  FU Frank Sottile (Texas University):
Irrational toric varieties and the secondary polytope
Lukas Kühne (Hebrew University of Jerusalem):
Matroid representations by c-arrangements are undecidable
Monday, 13.01.2020  TU

Eric Fusy (Paris):
Bijections between families of walks using oriented planar maps

Andrei Asinowski (Klagenfurt):
Vectorial kernel method and patterns in lattice paths
17:00 Shahrzad Haddadan (MPI Saarbrücken)
Algorithms for top-k lists and social networks
Monday, 20.01.2020  FU Holger Dell (Kopenhagen):
Counting and sampling small subgraphs
Alan Arroyo (IST Austria):
Obstructions in graph drawings
17:00 Gorav Jindal (Aalto University, Helsinki):
On the complexity of symmetric polynomials
Monday, 27.01.2020  FU Haim Kaplan (Tel Aviv):
Privately Learning Thresholds
Gweneth Anne McKinley (MIT, Cambridge, USA):
Super-logarithmic cliques in dense inhomogeneous random graphs
17:00 Michał Włodarczyk (Eindhoven):
Losing treewidth by separating subsets: on approximation of vertex/edge deletion problems
Monday, 03.02.2020 FU  Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak (MPI Saarbrücken):
Separators and exact algorithms for geometric intersection graphs
Yani Pehova (Warwick):
Characterisation of quasirandom permutations by a pattern sum
Monday, 10.02.2020  FU Lionel Pournin (Paris):
Recent results on the diameter of lattice polytopes

José Samper (MPI Leipzig):
Dual matroid polytopes and the independence complex of a matroid
Third talk canceled:(17:00) Zsolt Ádám Wagner (ETH Zürich)

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