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Overview Summer Semester 2019

Lecture at 14:15Colloquium at 16:00
Monday, 15.04.2019  FU Kaie Kubjas (Paris):
Nonnegative rank four boundaries
Josué Tonelli-Cueto (TU Berlin):
Condition meets Computational Geometry: The Plantinga-Vegter algorithm case
Monday, 22.04.2019   Easter - no lecture -  - no colloquium -
Monday, 29.04.2019 TU Kolja Knauer (Marseille):
Tope graphs of (Complexes of) Oriented Matroids
Torsten Mütze (TU Berlin):
Combinatorial generation via permutation languages
Monday, 06.05.2019 TU Matthias Köppe (Kalifornien):
Facets of cut-generating functionology
Tillmann Miltzow (Universität Utrecht):
Smoothed Analysis of the Art Gallery Problem
Monday, 13.05.2019 TU Boaz Slomka (Israel):
On Hadwiger's covering conjecture
Fei Xue (TU Berlin):
On the lattice point covering problem in dimension 2
Monday, 20.05.2019 TU Mathew Kahle (Ohio):
Configuration spaces of hard disks in an infinite strip
Davide Lofano (TU Berlin):
Collapsible vs Contractible
Monday, 27.05.2019 TU William Tom Trotter (Georgia-Tech):
Stability Analysis for Posets
Felix Schröder (TU Berlin):
Lower Bounds on the p-centered coloring number
Monday, 03.06.2019 ZIB → Conference on Network Games, Tropical Geometry, and Quantum Communication   - no colloquium -
Monday, 10.06.2019   Pentecost  - no lecture -   - no colloquium -
Monday, 17.06.2019 FU Matthias Beck (San Francisco):
Lonely Runner Polyhedra
Monday, 24.06.2019 FU Emo Welzl (ETH Zürich):
Connectivity of Triangulation Flip Graphs in the Plane
Simona Boyadzhiyska (FU Berlin):
On counting problems related to (mutually) orthogonal Latin squares
Monday, 01.07.2019 FU Rekha R. Thomas (Seattle):
Graph Density Inequalities and Sums of Squares
Manfred Scheucher (TU Berlin):
On Arrangements of Pseudocircles
Monday, 08.07.2019 FU Anita Liebenau (Sydney):
Enumerating graphs and other discrete structures by degree sequence
Friday, 12.07.2019 TU Vijay Vazirani (University of California):
Matching is as Easy as the Decision Problem, in the NC Model
 - Vortrag außer der Reihe -
      - no colloquium -
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