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Overview Winter Semester 2021/2022

Some Monday Lectures in the winter term 2021/22 may take place online.

Invitation over Zoom: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/69716124232?pwd=dzFlcTFHMmFXRTE5QmZLaEV5N0FRUT09

Lecture at 14:15Colloquium at 16:00
Monday, 18.10.2021 online  no lecture (student meeting) - no colloquium -
Monday, 25.10.2021 FU Berlin  Penny Haxell (Waterloo):
Tashkinov trees
 Simona Boyadzhiyska (Berlin):
Ramsey simplicity of random graphs
Monday, 01.11.2021 FU Berlin  Florian Frick (Pittsburgh / Berlin):
Topological methods in graph theory
 Letícia Mattos (Berlin):
Singularity of random symmetric matrices
Monday, 08.11.2021  TU Berlin  Manfred Scheucher (Berlin):
Erdős-Szekeres-type Problems on Planar Point Sets
 Davide Lofano (Berlin):
Hadamard Matrix Torsion
Monday, 15.11.2021 online

 Tim Netzer (Innsbruck):
Free Semialgebraic Geometry and Quantum Information Theory

 Stefan Kuhlmann (Berlin):
Lattice width of lattice-free polyhedra and height of Hilbert bases
Monday, 22.11.2021  TU Berlin  Markus Brill (Berlin):
Approval-Based Apportionment
 Jonathan Leake (Berlin):
Lorentzian polynomials on cones and the Heron-Rota-Welsh conjecture
Monday, 29.11.2021  FU Berlin

 Henry Adams (IST Austria):
Open questions on clique complexes of graphs

 Benjamin Berendsohn (Berlin):
Search trees on graphs
Monday, 06.12.2021 online Arnaud Casteigts (Bordeaux):
Spanners and connectivity problems in temporal graphs
 Malte Renken (Berlin):
Connectivity Thresholds in Random Temporal Graphs
Monday, 13.12.2021  online Florin Manea (Göttingen):
Combinatorial String Solving
 Markus Schmid (Berlin):
Graph and String Parameters: Connections Between Pathwidth, Cutwidth and the Locality Number
Monday, 20.12.2021 online  Monday before Christmas  - no lecture -   - no colloquium -
Monday, 10.01.2022  online Vera Traub (Zürich): Better-Than-2 Approximations for Weighted Tree Augmentation Rehearsal for the review meeting (via Webex)
Monday, 17.01.2022  online

 María A. Hernández Cifre (Murcia):
On discrete Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities

 Ji Hoon Chun (Berlin):
The Sausage Catastrophe in dimension 4
Monday, 24.01.2022  online  Günter Rote (Berlin):
The maximum number of minimal dominating sets in a tree
Monday, 31.01.2022  online

 George Mertzios (Durham, UK):
Algorithmic Problems on Temporal Graphs

 Klaus Heeger (Berlin):
Stable Matchings Beyond Stable Marriage
Monday, 07.02.2022  online  Neil Olver (LSE):
Continuity, Uniqueness and Long-Term Behaviour of Nash Flows Over Time

 Manuel Radons (Berlin):
Nearly flat polytopes in the context of Dürer's problem

Monday, 14.02.2022  online Carlos Amendola (TU München):
Estimating Gaussian mixtures using sparse polynomial moment systems
 Marie Brandenburg (MPI Leipzig):
Intersection Bodies of Polytopes
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